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Carbon Capture is a SCAM

It is not real.

It will never work.

There are real solutions to climate change. Carbon capture is not one of them.

It is a tool for fossil fuel companies to greenwash their operations while continuing to pump carbon into the atmosphere. It is a distraction from the real solutions to climate change. It is a lie and a scam. This is a scientific consensus - even the IPCC has acknowledged that carbon capture is not a viable solution to climate change.

Carbon capture is greenwashing. The University is being used to promote this lie.

Many carbon capture projects have been found to emit more than they capture. Why spend vast amounts of money and energy on a technology that is not only ineffective, but also harmful to the environment?

Here's the thing:

This isn't about solving climate change. It's about making money.

Get involved, and help us stop this.

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